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Are you required cash for a business or personal usage and education? If you have gold items getting a personal loan with gold as collateral can be a quick and simple method. Long Term Investment

When you need to turn it into cash, borrow against gold Coins great for a long term investment. You can unlock the liquidity in your investment through an assets based loan at Diamond Banc. It’s a good idea to borrow against gold because it has a low interest rate, is in high demand and is secure.

To get a Gold Loan

To get a GOLD LOAN you can walk into our Branch CASH HUB Ekattuthangal Metro station, Guindy, Chennai Customer Services Mobile No: 8939112304 with your jewelers and avail of a GOLD LOAN for any value from Rs. 10,000 to 50 Lakhs Quickly our simple and easy documentation processing, the loan can be availed of across the counter quickly.

credit card to Cash in chennai

CIBIL SCORE Not Required for GOLD LOAN However the common list of documents includes Passport Size Photographs, Identity proof (PAN Card, Voter’s ID, Aadhar Card etc.,) and address proof (Passport, Driver’s License, Electricity Bill Etc.,)

While many of these forms can potentially be used as collateral, jewelry is typically not valued as highly as bullion and coins. Bullion is prized for its ease of liquidity and coins may have historic or cultural significance that adds to their value. The worth of your gold is also dependent upon its purity with purer gold deemed more valuable.

Why Get a Loan instead of selling

Opting for a loan over sale has several benefits, such as the following:
No tax event which can be triggered when selling
Retained Ownership of items
Increased value of GOLD upon regaining control due to yearly market agains
Selling can end up losing you money in the long run especially if you buy gold later at a higher price.

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